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With considerable experience in the provision of transportation and customs services, our company has gained a reputation of competitive and highly-qualified customs agent (broker), logistician and transport operator.

Our company staff is composed of high-class specialists highly-experienced in customs operations and cooperation with customs authorities and departments. Our certified specialists competent in clearance of various categories of cargoes (including products related to chemical and food industries, goods requiring veterinary and phytosanitary check) work at each customs office, where we provide custom broker services.

Our company provides customer-oriented range of services to the maximum extent possible. Competent management, high qualification of specialists, efficient process of interaction with customs authorities and innovative approach ensure the quality and promptness of our services without unnecessary costs. We make sure that our client is focused on its core business – manufacture, trade, opening of new channels, and the client’s strength and energy are not distracted to customs and logistics issues. We promote the development of companies by assuming all issues related to transportation, delivery, customs clearance and warehousing.

The list of general services:

  • customs clearance of cargoes;
  • international transportations and freight forwarding;
  • delivery of consolidated loads;
  • services provided by foreign trade agent working in both directions;
  • consulting services related to customs legislation of RUz and international customs legislation;
  • assistance in obtaining the certificates and other documents.

Complex approach to solution of tasks set by a client allows us to provide both standard and individual business network of international transportation and forwarding services.